Ac&Dc - Kissin Dynamite Şarkı Sözü

here she come, here she come
eating up the thrill
sugar cane, sugar cane
dressin up to kill
like a fireball ın the shadow
like a storm thats gonna show
like an overwhelmed volcano
getting set to blow, set to blow
she got a nasty reputation
she got a healthy apetite
when she needs some detonation
she sets the fuse alight, the fuse alight

feel like kissin dynamite

let ıt rain, let ıt rain
let me feel ıt pour
let ıt slide, let ıt slide
let me feel the core
like the thunder ın the mountains
like the lightning ın the sky
like the eye of a tornado
she watch ıt all go by, all go by
then she kills for recreation
and she plays her games at night
she want to work on her vocation
she set the world alight, set world alight

feel like kissin dynamite

dynamite, here ıt come
dynamite, gonna blow
dynamite, just wanna warn you
dynamite, the volcano
dynamite, she got no ımagination or (??????)
dynamite, thats the way you want, thats the way hell go

feel like kissin dynamite
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