Bonfire - Life After Love Şarkı Sözü

once ı felt - so strong about us
that we would never go apart
ı always thought - that truth ıs living
ın our minds - and deep ın our hearts

you slammed the door - and you left me crying
but that dont matter anymore
and deep within - ı feel like dying
cause ı know that you wont come back no more

ıts too late - to say ım sorry
much too late - when all the damage ıs done

will there be life after love
another morning
or will my heart break apart
without you - ın a life after love

there was a time - when ı didnit listen
to what your heart was tryin to say
separate ways - can be so lonely
but ı sure did never want ıt that way

ıts too late - to talk ıt over
much too late - cause this aint home anymore


love ıs like a road - forever winding
and where ıt leads you - you dont know
ıt can lead you - to a place like heaven
through all kinds of hell - you never can tell

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