Marc Bolan - Dandy In The Underworld Şarkı Sözü

a bolanic revision of orpheus descending

prince of players, pawn of none
born with steel reins on the heart of the sun
gypsy explorer of the new jersey heights
exalted companion of cocaine nights

cos hes a dandy in the underworld
dandy in the underworld
when will he come up for air,
will anybody ever care

at an old eighteen exiled he was
to the deserted kingdoms of a mythical oz
distraction he wanted, to destruction he fell
now he forever stalks the ancient
mansions of hell

now his lovers have left him
and his youths ill spent
he cries in the dungeons and tries to repent
but change is a monster and changing is hard
but hell freeze away his summers in his
underground yard
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir