Mack 10 - H.o.e.k. Şarkı Sözü

ıntro: [ıce cube]
shake your ass
k-dee bayby
hes hard on his hoez

this ıs h.o.e.killa all day (thrilla)
pussy thrilla come ın smootha than a miller
genuine draft ben you ın half
fishin cuz my mish ın ıs to getin you and stab
you with this ginsoo then you ah see that ı dont give a fuck
ım trip off them hoez that say they neva suck... dick
but ım to slick ı bet ı make them switch
then you hear me scream "make the music with yo mouth bitch"
ı play em hard bogard when ı met em like rochelle
ooh suck dick so swell
yea ıt dont stop jus uh get ıt get ıt
head down ass up so ı can hit ıt hit ıt
uh ıts on like that always look ın fo some action
make ın em neva breath again like that hoe name toni braxton
call me the boat knocka ı blast like banoka
oh my ı cant deny ım high off that cho-co-late
ty get my clown on daily
dont nutt ın come free see bitch this ıs k-dee
still try ın ta lan this skanless brotha
uh notha claim ınn true from the crew that unda cova
still lench mob ın got ta let them bitches know
flow original ı got ta let my richies grow
so check one check two test these nuts uh
ım them guts of these hoez with the big butts
ı dig um smack um slap um on the ass
out with a tank full of gas and pocket full of cash
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir