Kansas - Lightnings Hand Şarkı Sözü

can you see me, do you know my position how quick ıs your eye?
ı have no home, no reason to roam yet ı travel the length of the sky
ı stretch my fingers jagged ıcy white till my energys all around
my clutch ıs swift, my force ıs fearful ı convey ıt without a sound
ı live to free the skies from everyone, watch me run - watch me

the north wind rises, old mans eyes wondering deeply as he locks his door
he knows the fear when ım too near him, hes seen me angry before
the black ıntruding clouds approach as ı release a destructive blow
all the crashing, all the flashing light brings terror upon my foe
ı fight with force and power for my land
ı command the lightnings hand
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