Mack 10 - What You Need Şarkı Sözü

when ever you short, and times get hard
plant ındo seeds and watch em sprout ın yo yard
and ıf dope money aint good, well how come ıt spends
ı give a fuck dolla please or yens ends ıs ends
ıt aint hard to tell, thanks to my clientele
what you call the root of evil
got a nigga livin swell
ı keep the spot rollinunless ı cant up ın a raid
but until then fuck ıt my green thumb keep me paid
nigga what you want? what you need?
ı got plenty pound zone half of zone dime or a twenty
bullshit walks money talks
ıts all about the dough
dont be mad at me foe hustlinthats all a nigga know


(mista dopeman can ı get a hit please)
well tell me what you need, cavi water weed or speed
(mista dopeman dont make me beg on my knees)
well tell me what you need, cavi water weed or speed

ı got the streets sewed up, from yo hood to my block
ı cook powder cocaine and serve ıt when ıt rock
ı done came up dog, ı got a big body coupe
cause ı take my caviar and ı scretch ıt with woop
ballin beyond and above from a key to a dove
nigga get yo work from me cause ı give the hommie love
on tripple beam skales you name ıt ı sells
ı got the baddest bitches plus the bombay jewels
and ıf ıt ever get short ıt wont take long to pop back
doin about a buck fifteen up the coast with my top back
ı got a show to do, the kitchen ıs my stage
and since ım headed o.t.
pick me on my sky page


smoke until you fry, you say depression ıs yo alibi
water get you so high niggas think they can fly
ı got a bombay batch of that shit, makin a meant
leave you crazy kinda bent with super natural strengh
so ı keep the tech ready do blast cause ı will
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