Brooke Valentine - Pass Us By Şarkı Sözü

he walked right by me
ı knew he was a hottie
ı had to back ıt up
so ı can go and say hi (hottie)
he had a cute little booty
my thoughts moved through me
ı had to get them digits
got to mack them up smoothly

and ı say hey boy
you looking kinda cute
wont you slip me them digits
on the cool
ı wanna hook up with you real soon
ı hope ı aint to
aggresive for you babe

ı see you looking baby, dont be shy
better catch me now, now, now [2x]
dont let us pass us by [2x]

everything ıs right about him
hes just my type
aint no slippin my pimping
gotta lock his thang tight
though ım not that kinda girl
theres a first for everything
when ı see something ı want
you know ı spoiled as can be


you could be the one to marry me
a house, a dog, you can be my baby daddy

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