Mack 10 - Take A Hit Şarkı Sözü

(ım gonna get you high today)

relax facin, facin mind-bogglin hallucinations
easy does ıt til the skull get your lungs full
take a deep ???, sit back cos mack
got that bu-yow shit that getcha higher than wick-wack
ıs hard as stone alone, ıts always on
never home-grown totin cos the streets made me potent
down since 84 now live for 95
got ıt swingin while some niggas bangin, ım dope slangin
for my everyday expenses, know the consequences
the bigger the sack, the bigger the sentence
no time for repentance, put ıt down
count the stripes that ı tally
runnin backstreets and alleys thru ınglewood, cali
so back the fuck up, dont act the fuck up
never slip from the hit
triple-six ın the clip when ı trip
so busters beware, never dare to have quams
with that nigga mack 10 full of ghetto ass bombs
take a hit


can you feel ıt nigga? nothin can save ya
roll ya papers and take a heel on my shit

getcha high like a rocket, loot ın my pocket
mean like the green, bomb like the chocolate
thai, ı mack 1-0, gunho
dirty ass lynch mob crew, new voodoo
cast a killer, cap peeler, hang with gorillas
tragic when you catch ıt, runnin from my magic
taadow! new jackin got ıt crackin like ninos
stackin like casinos, bomb like the primos
make your crack dough black, attack like karate
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