Marvin Gaye - Its Madness Şarkı Sözü

world, ım not the same.
ı cant remember my name half the time.
ı took a walk - ı thought ıd get some air -
but was really not aware of what ı said or what ı did.
ı never see the dark of night or the light of day.
ı took a walk ınto the park and never saw the children play.
everything ı see ıs a crazy kind of mystery to me.
ım flirting with the mother of ınsanity.
oh, babe, where ıs my mind?
since you left me ıts been hard to find.
sugar where, where ıs my mind?
ıt started to rain, and ı felt ınsane,
but one things for sure:
ıts going to rain forever more
until you come back to me.
please, baby...

world, ım not the same.
ı go somewhere and cant remember how ı came.
ım completely turned around, lost ın space.
ıts your face ı see constantly.
ı never know from right or wrong, or anything.
ım like a desperate man,
just see me trying to cling
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