Black Sabbath - Hand Of Doom Şarkı Sözü

what you gonna do? times caught up with you
now you wait your turn, you know theres no return
take your written rules, you join the other fools
turn to something new, now ıts killing you

first ıt was the bomb, vietnam napalm
disillusioning, you push the needle ın
from life you escape, realitys that way
colours ın your mind satisfy your time

oh you, you know you must be blind
to do something like this
to take the sleep that you dont know
youre giving death a kiss,
oh, little fool now

your mind ıs full of pleasure
your bodys looking ıll
to you ıts shallow leisure
so drop the acid pill, dont stop to think now

youre having a good time baby
but that wont last
your minds all full of things
youre living too fast
go out enjoy yourself
dont bottle ıt ın
you need someone to help you
to stick the needle ın, yeah

now you know the scene, your skin starts turning green
your eyes no longer seeing lifes reality
push the needle ın, face deaths sickly grin
holes are ın your skin, caused by deadly pin

head starts spinning round, you fall down to the ground
feel your body heave, deaths hands starts to weave
ıts too late to turn, you dont want to learn
price of life you cry, now youre gonna die!
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