Ac&Dc - Night Prowler Şarkı Sözü

somewhere a clock strikes midnight
and theres a full moon ın the sky
you hear a dog bark ın the distance
you hear someones baby cry

a rat runs down the alley
and a chill runs down your spine
someone walks across your grave
and you wish the sun would shine
no ones gonna warn you
and no ones gonna yell attack
and you dont feel the steel
till ıts hanging out your back

ım your night prowler, asleep ın the day
ım your night prowler, get out of my way
look out for the night prowler, watch you tonight
ım the night prowler, when you turn out the light ...

too scared to turn your light out
cos theres something on your mind
was that a noise outside your window?
whats that shadow on the blind?
as you lie there naked
like a body ın a tomb
suspended animation
as ı slip ınto your room




ım your night prowler, break down your door
ım your night prowler, crawling cross your floor
ım your night prowler, make a mess of you, yes ı will
night prowler, and ı am telling this to you
there aint nothing you can do
(shazbot nunu nunu)
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