Marvin Gaye - His Eyes Are On The Sparrow Şarkı Sözü

his eyes are on the sparrow - marvin gaye -
album (the very best (disc 1))

ooh, ooh why
why should ı feel
so discouraged
ı wanta know why
should the shadows come
hmm humm
oh tell me why, why, why
why should ı feel so, so lonely, so lonely
and long, long for heaven and a home
oh yea
since jesus, since jesus
since jesus ıs my potion
ı wanta tell the world my constant
my constant friend
oh ıs he
please stay with me jesus
ı know, oh ı know his eyes
his eyes are on the sparrow, yes ıt ıs
and ı know jesus watches
he watches over me
oh thank you jesus
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