Kansas - Lonely Street Şarkı Sözü

sometimes when ım walking down this lonely street,
well, ıt sure dont seem like twenty years,
since ı went walking down this lonely street
and the smell of perfumed ladies filled the air

this street aint got no name, dead end ıs ın the river,
and ı lived where ı hated life day by day,
there wasnt nothing ı could do to shake a cold night shiver,

cause to move up lonely street you had to have some say

gambling ıs bad luck down on lonely street
and ıt sure aint no place to be when a man gets sore
you know ı killed a man and ı paid all ı can,
with twenty years on a chain gang,
for the flesh and the blood on that jailhouse floor

sometimes when ım walking down this lonely street
ı get caught up ın a dream that wont let me go
and as the bright lights flash up and down this lonely street
my mind rolls back the years long time ago

ı see my baby stumblin around with tears ın her eyes
and as ı reach out for her she falls on the floor
she mumbles through bloody lips about a bad man, robber, raper,
and ın my gut ı know ı got one to score
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