Stevie Wonder - Bedtime For Toys Şarkı Sözü

close your eyes, beddy bye tin soldier,
mommy says that ıts time for sleep,
ıf my folks were wiser and older,
theyd know kids and toys dont need sleep.

dont be bad little cotton dolly,
see how nice mickey mouse sleeps now?
even my brass drummer boy has stopped all his noise,
cause he knows ıts past bedtime for toys.

ya know, every christmas santa claus goes all over the world with his reindeer,
sled, and a big bag of toys and hell come to your house this year too.
but sometimes, just sometimes, he doesnt have enough time to see every little boy and girl because the world ıs so big.
so maybe we should sing a song for all the children that santa didnt visit.

bless the child who has no tin soldier,
no brass drummer boy to put to bed.
he will still grow wiser and older,
loving one small rag doll ınstead.

he wont have a cotton dolly,
mickey mouse wont come to his house.
hold that rag doll to your heart, nothing can destroy
the beauty one shall find ın one small toy.
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