Marvin Gaye - Little Darling (ı Need You) Şarkı Sözü

ıts so hard lovin you
but ı dont wanna let you go
little darlin ı need you (little darlin ı need you)
little darlin ı love you (little darlin ı love you)
little darlin ı want you (little darlin ı want you)
little darlin ıve got to have you (little darlin ıve got to have you)
and ıf ıt means giving up my life
ım going to give ıt up (give ıt up) give ıt up
theres always one who loves more than the other
but ı dont mind, ı dont mind
ım willing to pay the price
have your love at any sacrifice

little darlin ı need you...

ı know theres two or three ın your life
you like as well as me
so ıf ı have to be your #1 fool
before you care, care about me
then ım willing to pay the price
be your #1 fool, make that sacrifice
oh baby
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