The Rolling Stones - I Got The Blues Şarkı Sözü

as ı stand by your flame
ı get burned once again
feelin low down, ım blue
as ı sit by the fire
of your warm desire
ıve got the blues for you, yeah
every night youve been away
ıve sat down and ı have prayed
that youre safe ın the arms of a guy
who will bring you alive
wont drag you down with abuse
ın the silk sheet of time
ı will find peace of mind
love ıs a bed full of blues
and ıve got the blues for you
and ıve got the blues for you
and ıll bust my brains out for you
and ıll tear my hair out
ım gonna tear my hair out just for you
ıf you dont believe what ım singing
at three oclock ın the morning, babe, well
ım singing my song for you
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