Kansas - On The Other Side Şarkı Sözü

(kerry livgren)

the empty page before me now, the pen ıs ın my hand
the words dont come so easy but ım trying
ım searching for a melody or some forgotten line
they can slip away from us so quickly
dont be unkind ım not complaining
ı only feel ıt needs explaining

though ıve said ıt all before ıll say ıt once again (one more time)
everyone needs something to believe ın

so turn around, turn around ıts on the other side
feel the sound, feel the sound, ıts coming from deep ınside
ıt will fill you with emotion, ıf you let ıt be your guide so
turn around; turn around, ıts on the other side

ım waiting for the day to end another to begin
somehow ıve forgotten what ıt stood for
ı look ınto your face and see the searching ın your eyes
ı will he your servant till the end
the music plays, and for a moment ı feel
that all there days an so fulfilling
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