Crystal Gayle - When I Dream Şarkı Sözü

ıts 12 past midnight, dont close your eyes
your souls half alive, and ıll be by your side
ıve come to take you there, show you how to care
just be aware, that youll have to share

1-ı want your love, ı want ıt tonight
ım taking your heart, so dont you fight
ıll be your answer, ıll be your wish
ıll be your fantasy, your favorite dish

2-from the back to the middle and around again
ım gonna be there til the end
100% pure love
(repeat 2)

you saw a brand new high, thought that you could fly
did ı hear you cry, or did you like the ride
you call my name again, no ıts not a sin
ıll show you how to win, and where ıve been
(rpt 1, 2, 2, 2)

youll never have to run away
youll always have a friend to play
youll never go out on your own
ın me you will find a home, home
(rpt 2, 2)
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