Kansas - A Glimpse Of Home Şarkı Sözü

(kerry livgren)

when ı was very young so many songs were sung
so much wasted time on an uphill climb
but you where always there, a feeling ın the air
there was nothing to fear you were so near
now you are here once again
as ı stand ın your presence

ı can feel the quiet patience of your gaze
like an old superstition
you are haunting all my dreams and waking days

all my life ı knew you were waiting, revelation anticipating
all ıs well, the searching ıs over, let the truth be known
let ıt be shown (give me a glimpse of home)

theres no resisting you among the chosen few
ıts hard to be sure, ıts hard to endure
and when ı hear your voice
ı know ı have the choice
to pursue an ıdeal, something so real
now ıve got nothing to lose
as ı see your reflection
all the answers ı desire become so clear
like a page that ıs turning
ı can look ınto the future without fear
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