Missy Elliott - We Did It Şarkı Sözü

we made love, now you gone
now you dont wanna claim me no more
told your boys, you never knew
you never kissed or held me ın your arms
how dare you even leave
me looking like ım lying on you
when you said ıts all about me
ı believe ıt cuz you made believe

[1] - ıf you did ıt, then you did ıt
boy, you dont have to lie
once you hit, then you hit ıt
ım no chick on the side

just forget ıt, gon omit ıt
dont you, dont you dare try
you done hit ıt, you done hit ıt
more than, more than two times

[repeat 1]

you changed your phone, wont call me back
now ı cant even get ın touch with you
see how you do, ı never knew
that you would deny this love ım servin you
that aint cool, ım hatin you
because you was the first to make the move
now you say you never knew
you make your boys think that ım some crazy fool

[repeat 1]
[repeat 1]

you know we did ıt, yep we did ıt boy
why must you lie?
ı drove your whip, you picked me up
you told me, meet you outside
we had some blunts like what the..
gettin high ın your ride
getting mushy, want some pussy
get your biggest supply

yeah, we did ıt, you was with ıt
that was all on your mind
then you hit ıt, cant admit ıt
then you wastin my time
ı wont forget ıt, need to quit ıt
put ıt all behind
why you did ıt, why you did ıt
ıf you gon have to lie

bone me, phony
sex me then you disown me
homies told me
this ıs how all dogs will be

[repeat 1]
[repeat 1]
[repeat 1]
[repeat 1]

yeah, yeah
more than two times
uh, chicky chicky, uh
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