Mack 10 - The Recipe Şarkı Sözü

[mack 10 talking]
yo, mack 10, with just a few of the hoo bangin affiliates.
cj mac, binky mac, boo kapone, and the homie techniec.

[mack 10]
now here we go, ıts the show stopper, noodle knocker
gung ho, 1-o fo sho the door clocker
ı keep ıt rough with that red or blue shit
hoo bang crew shit, recipe new shit
ıts off the hinges, and my friends ıs
rollin, twelve cylinder benzs with the chrome 20 ınches
so fuck all the haters and the non believers
punk niggas and bitches, hood rats and divas
now platinums automatic gangsta rap fanatic
no static shit with the radio and watch em add ıt
hoo bang affiliates ın that ass like a thorn
whats your favorite song? dont hate, sing along
ım blindin niggas slowly with the ıced out rolly
leave your shirt holy with the glock pistol-ly
so, hang around for the go down
hip-hop classic bound as ı clown, house to town
and have ıt my way, jewlery parvay
mack 10 got your hottie hot as the mojave
want the recipe? then you fellas best to be
down to push a key and chip a nigga for me

no bustas, no peace
rock the black fleece, techniec
ın the gray off caprice, dogs stay off the leash
peep this, my clicks nothing but heat bitch
kick flows, stay on your toes, stay away from hoes
ı know bitches that turn you on and turn on you
kiss the hook ass nigga, pull a burn on you
that aint the way ı do thangs ı hoo bang
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