Marvin Gaye - Joy Şarkı Sözü

hey, hey, hey
there ıs a joy ın a sweet word thats been spoken
and the joy ın a dream thats come true
theres a joy that ı get when ım watching you baby, hey
and the joy that ı get watching the skies of blue
and then theres a joy,
oh my darling, of a crying baby
and the joy of a child thats born to you
then theres a joy of a beautiful lady and the joy of the morning dew
ıts something like the joy of loving you baby
joy of dancin too
ıts something like the joy of lovin you baby, yeah
joy of being with you
oh my darling, ıll overcome the darkest nights
just to see your loves allright
ıve got a love to give
you know ı love to live
theres something bout the joy of lovin you baby
joy, joy
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