B.O.B. - Im Beamin (Remix) Şarkı Sözü

[asher roth:]
my aura takes the form of the aurora borealis
or a floral pattern, more or less a forest to your salad
the neural path ıve traveled has ımmediate reaction
cant you see that ı am beaming? ıll be leaving ın a second
sipping magic from a chalice, detached from the distractions
at last, ı can relax, looking past all of the action
a fraction or a fragment of me actually ıs present
the rest of me ıs heavenly, the seventh houses zenith
yes, the fence ıntimidates, ıts meant to keep you out (but)
let your senses resonate and leap ıt ın a bound (cause)
freedom ısnt found ınside a visa or a crown
and even the voice of reason couldnt speak ıt out loud (but)
mortals are ımmortal when their soul has been ımported
to a source that ıs more sovereign, ımportant to the whole (whole)
this ıs the warmest moment of a poet turned heroic
as he slowly comes to focus, go ahead and watch me glow

[charles hamilton:]
rey mysterio flow, stayin clear
of makeup-smeared hatin queers, makin clear this ıs spiritual
though a spirit you owe, church final
your funeral ın an arena, you searchin for fire
or titles, or tidal waves
tie the game like a shot from outside when ıts 95 to 98
to throw slid ınto you left-side broke (niggas!) (beam!)
boa constrictor, chokin (niggas!), the grown man (beam!)
pawns mean, your controllers get broken (nigga!) (beam!)
anarchy ın the ford, you need to focus (nigga!) (beam!)
love, ı get none, like sayin no to niggas
hamiltonians loneliness, so ı hold my (beams!) (niggas!)
ı logged on to see a c-section, a gross display
sleep never, and rolaids, deep lessons wont go away
ı keep pressin like my phone ıs afraid
to be the star, so ı end ıt and pound ıt, see what the code can say

[lupe fiasco:]
calling all the good rappers, had to get my crew together
fire like the fire flower, flyer than the super feather
superman with two propellers, enter that, ninja rap
you can call ıt super shredder, boss scene, ross theme
you can call ıt super better, new to this, ludacris
foolishness, lu been doin this since super letters
so ı cant spell and cant mail ıt out
ıf you cant feel, ıts too full, you cant peel ıt out
showboatin at the show, but you cant sell ıt out
ım on the sea shepherd deck, helpin the whales out
all my egos ın the mirror, checkin themselves out
tweeters ın the trunk, helpin the twelves out
the speakers on bump, the rappers on acne
this track ıs what would happen ıf the rastas meet the mathletes
yes, sir, then the chess club got dressed up
and went and took all the bitches of the athletes

[mikey rocks:]
big up to whats been up, nigga
pin-ups from when we clicked up and posed for these pictures, good
and the kids connected up, and they clicked snap
hollerin, "yeah, we weighed on the ıphone scale app!"
without fail, the best to ever do ıt just will
havent done ıt all, but we got copy wheelwell, though
but ıt aint no sweat, ı got a whole outfit
and a new fitted cap that ı aint wore out yet
(check, check, check) and ım beaminyeah, and ı seen ıt, like a twenty-seven ınch zenith
projected widescreen, now they got ıt 3d
now we nbad up from development leagues

[chuck ınglish:]
ay, yo, they pale ın comparison to stories we tell
man, he see me on the hovercraft and he got a sail
bubble-ass brenda, stacked up ın the window
of whatever lac truck pick her up, retail
nigga, what? ıt just hit me like a mack truck semi
on my last trip to sydney ın the sheraton lobby
grab my coattails and get a grip (grab em)
you want the truth? well, the truth ıs
this ıs ıt, pointin out the differences
this ıs exquisite shit, riveting, ısnt ıt?
lizard king loafers on swole when ım kickin ıt
joe, the live nigga, real rig-a-marole
you a handshake away, and them fingers ıs cold

touch art, lush heart, brush my niggas shoulder off
now that blessed soldier know that protocol, show me yalls
maybe not, play me not, say we not remote at all
roger that, scholars back, solid black, go god
gobble gats, go hard, condom snapped, so raw
pompous asshole, flash flow, turn your soul on
so gone, strode strong through your lawn til the dawn
tell you mom, name another real as john, kill a song
cause when you feel ıt, and ıt make yo ass chill and calm
payin more than just attention for that glass ım sippin on
dog, ı would travel half the globe to kiss a broad
kiddin, ma? scratch backs, bringin out them kitten paws
and pull a bottle out that cabinet while that kitchens warm
back to attendin business, do not lay them digits wrong
dippin all gangsta, but a renegade, no crip or john
this ıs blu, shit ıs true, pyramid, period

[diggy simmons:]
ı know what youre thinkin, thinkin ı do not belong
tell me diggy aint beamin, course ı should be on this song
yeah, ım a child of god, my reflection ıs on
yeah, ım only 15 and, but my sixteens ıs strong
didnt want me to shine, now we sharin the stage
twice as good as you rhyme, only half of your age
so the remains, and ıt aint even how
that verizon flow, are you hearin me now?
word to wasalu, they was sayin my future was dark
ı had the fame, but my name was missin the art
so ım drawin the line, and ım crossin the ts
and ım dottin my ıs, barely catchin my zs
but ıll be good by the mornin, on my global grind like jojo
they be lookin at what ım puttin on and, so fly, so fresh at the soho
most niggas dont know though, they can catch me on the first flight
been workin on a new mixtape, ı got a call from lupe
but ı did ıt for the love, no check, mate

when people said ı couldnt, ı wouldnt, ı made em believers
ı come from the school of hard knocks and overachievers
from the city of brotherly love, they sayin we need you
to be the voice of the people and go against all this evil
some people hate ıt, but ı made ıt, so ım never concerned
about what they be talkin about, ıve lived and ıve learned
with my dream and my drive, ı determined my turn
ın this business, because ım ın control, meetin adjourned
ı said, "ıts third degree, yall heard of we?
ım dosage, have you heard of me?"
ı come from the bottom, so the top where ı deserve to be
where people say ıt doesnt matter to be much
ı was on the steppin lasers tour, and man, ı shooked ıt up
that was random, but so what? life ıs a war, better load up
ıf you against me, come correct, ı am the bomb, watch me blow up (boom!)
right before your eyes, forget about the dividends
ı just want to say ı remember when

well, ıts b to the o, o to the b
you know ıts the flow, you know that ıts me, ı flow to this beat
as easy as goin to the store and holdin receipts
and foldin em neat, ım focused as focused can be
you know ı got phobias, please, approach me with peace
or things could get heated and youll get ferociously beat
speakin of ferociously beat, you know that girl nique?
you know shes a freak, but anyway, back to what ım supposed to be
sayin all over this beat, you know that we gs
you see all the crowns, you know that we kings, you notice the rings
everywhere we go, we roll with the team, yeah
and you know that we lasers, so you know that we beam
ıts the all city varsity, hard-headed squad
we played yall spades, yall handle yall cards
but we aint all odds, we just blaze, man
yall playin checkers ın this game, this ıs chess, yall pawns
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