Marvin Gaye - Til Tomorrow Şarkı Sözü

baby, baby, baby
baby please dont go
dont you know ı still love you so
honey, honey, honey
honey you know
ı still care
and ı still got lots of
love to share
ah, you for me, me for you
ah baby well be going through
love so deeply
til tomorrow
you have stolen my mind completely
have a heart hey, hey, hey, hey
hold me sweetly, now
til tomorrow

baby, baby
baby please girl dont go, oooh
dont you know ı still love you so
honey, ıf you leave me
ıll go crazy
ıll still care
oh you know ıll still care for you

til tomorrow comes girl
ı love you
oh baby
baby, baby, yeah baby
oh, ıf you have to go
ı wont say no more
ıll just shed a tear
when youre gone
and wish you were here
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