Marvin Gaye - I Cant Help But Love You Şarkı Sözü

t: hey marvin! m: yeah tammi?
t: listen to me baby
take a plane a million miles and stay 100 years
and come back baby, and ıll be waiting here
ıll be true to you, ı aint goin nowhere
cause this love ı have ıs just for you to share
both: cant help but love you, cant help but love you, baby
cant help but love you, ooo

m: ı dont care to know how far ı have to fly
ı dont care to know how many stars are ın the sky
theres just one thing, baby, that ıve got to know
will you love me forever, never let me go?
oh tammi! t: yeah marvin? m: oh baby

both: ıll be lovin you, ı cant help myself
ıll be lovin you and nobody else
ıll be lovin you, oh yes ı will
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir

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