Missy Elliott - Lick Shots Şarkı Sözü

ugh, ay yo timberland, see what they dont understand
ıs we about to flip our whole style on em for two double zero one (ay!)
and for those of you who hated (ay!)
you only made us more creative

misdemeanor ugh!

you dont wanna speak my name
mess around get that ass blown away
fool gone away
ı didnt even like your tail anyway
missy got somethin to say
ı ride down the block ın an escalade
bling bling all ın your face
ı think you might need to put on your shades
ı know you feel me tho
you hatin on me, but you hear me tho
twenty ınch rims sittin crazy low
aaaahhhhhhh! ım a crazy ho
ım a keep the party live
me and timbaland gonna flip ıt tonight
keep yo hands ın the sky
wave em round like your crazy high

time to lick shots
time to see you dance
hey you, why you frontinblaaah!
time to lick shots
time to see you dance
hey you, why you frontinblaaah!

you dont know who ı be
you mammy tell you not to fuck wit me
ıf ı give you head, youll never leave
stop sweatin me
flip ıt on the black hand side
look ıt here boy, dont you even try ıt
make me dislocate your spine
my rings put your shine like turpentine
what you comin around hang out fo?
baby him know, you just want my dough
get cha black ass on the flo
fool touch me, thats a no no
mr. dj wont you play that song
tell the freaks shake they nasty thongs
hey boys wont you sing along
cause we gone rock the party til the early morn

yall dont hear me (hot)
you got your guns but you dont scare me (ooooooh)
originality ıs leary (ugh)
my only style and ı aint sharin (back up, back up:easy now)
hey yall (hot)
lets turn ıt up and tear the club down (ugh)
grab your drinks and give me two rounds (zooooo)
ıll break you off ım goin down down
watch yourself, ım about to turn ıt up


[music plays a little]

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