Kansas - Rainmaker Şarkı Sözü

have you ever seen a miracle - you couldnt doubt or ımitate
whats ıt really worth to you to shake the holy hand of fate
well ı did what ı could to make ends meet
been a gunrunner and a medicine man
ın a kansas town ı was a rainmaker - there the hand of fate got out of hand

rainmaker rainmaker save this one horse town
rainmaker pray to heaven

from the flint hills the land was cracked and dried
thirsty streets ın misery
ı took the sign down that said medicine man
put one up that said rainmaker - that was me
so the townspeople gave me money up front
to light a fire - pray, and dance around
tell them ıtd rain so theyd all go to bed
and ıd make my break clean out of town
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