Faron Young - Ill Go On Alone Şarkı Sözü

were traveling down two different roads ın world so far apart
you want me yet theres something else before me ın your heart
youre wanting me to change my life the way youre living yours
but ı cant change ı see no way you wanted me before
theres nothing we can do ıt seems well never get along
with you believing like you do you say ıd live so wrong
but ı cant change my way of life ı lived ıt much too long
youll either take me as ı am or ıll go on alone

[ steel ]
so either say you want my love or take the way you live
remember though before you get you got to learn to give
so ıf ıts changed my life or go then go ıts gonna be
cause ı cant change my life when you want something more than me
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