Marvin Gaye - I Met A Little Girl Şarkı Sözü

i met a little girl, sure was fine
pretty little thing just about blew my mind
she took me home and ahh made love to me
i knew right then and there this is where i wanted to be
most of my life i had been all, all alone
and youre so sweet to me, dont think ill ever roam
and then one day as time will pass
i had this feeling that our love would last
nothing could go wrong and it seemed everything i did
seemed to please you, all the heartaches you hid

then one night after we made it, and we were through
thats when i decided i wanted to marry you

do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife
to love, hold and cherish for the rest of your life?
i do, yes i do, i do darlincause i love you
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