Sandy Denny - Million Dollar Bash Şarkı Sözü

well, that big dumb blonde with gorgeous george
and turtle, a friend of theirs, with his cheques all forged
and his cheeks ın a chunk with a cheese ın the cash
theyre all gonna be there at that million dollar bash, and ıts

ooh baby, ooh-ee
ooh baby, ooh-ee
ıts that million dollar bash
everybody from right now go over there and back
the louder they come, well, the bigger they crack
come now, sweet cream, and dont forget the flash
were all gonna meet at that million dollar bash


well, ı took my counsellor out to the barn
silly nelly was there, she told him a yarn
then along came jones and emptied the trash
everybody went down to that million dollar bash


well, ı been hittin ıt too hard, you know, my stones wont take
ı get up ın the morning, bit too early to wake
first ıts ``hello and ``goodbye, and then push and then crash
but everybodys gonna make ıt to that million dollar bash


well, ı looked at my watch, then ı looked at my wrists
punched myself ın my face with my fists
and ı took my taters back a-home to be mashed
but then ı made ıt right on to that million dollar bash

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