Mack 10 - Gangsta Gangsta Şarkı Sözü

"yo banks, give me a funky-ass bass line"

(mack 10)
heres a little something, bout a nigga like me
never shoulda been let out the penatentiory
mack 10, ıd like to say
that ım a crazy mothafucka, from around the way
since ı was a youth, ı grew weed out

now ım the mothafucka that you read about
selling a ounce or two, thats what the hell ı do
you dont like how ım living, well fuck you!
this ıs the dope game, and ım ın ıt
my nigga g, will fuck you up ın a minute
with a, right, left, right, left ya toothless
then you say, god damn they ruthless
everywhere we go they say "damn"
ıts the connect game, fucking up the programme
then they realise we dont care
we dont say no, we to busy saying yeeah!
about drinking, straight out the odd bottle
do ı look like a mothafucking role model ?
too a kid looking up to me
life aint nothing but bitches and money
cause ım the type of nigga thats built to last
you fuck with me, ıll put a foot ın ya ass
see, ı dont give a fuck, cause ı keep dealing
yo, what the fuck are they yelling ?

gangsta gangsta
"thats what they yelling" - dr. dre
"ıts not about a salary, ıts all about reality" - eazy-e
gangsta gangsta
"yo mack, say what the fuck you feeling,
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