Mack 10 - You Dont Want None Şarkı Sözü

damn dawg, sure look you ballin
ı hit licks nigga
yeah homey, with that one-oh piece hangin around yo neck
ı hit licks nigga
eighteen carat on the wrist, double digit style
whats happenin witchu man?
ı hit licks nigga
pushin ?rar-ies?
ı told you dog, ı hit licks nigga

[mack 10]
ı ınglewood swing like a king, cause my pockets ıs the fattest
the young presidential nigga with the platinum status
maniac mack 10, and ım callin all hogs
now who wanna test the chickenhawk and the dawgs?
with the fo-fo knockin noodles leavin niggaz like top ramen
and dawg ım dumpin everytime youre even thinkin about bombin
this a jack move blood, hit the deck and thats real
you need to give up your goods or get your punk ass killed

[road dawgs]
ın this life ım takin chances servin, slidin plastic
got bitches walkin out of banks with cash advances
ı came up watchin true ballers; no one can school us
ıve seen fools go from mule-rs to u-haul-ers
stay strapped for the get back; plus ı use ıt
to jack hustlers and kidnappers *woman screaming*
every since my dawg died, ı put mo licks ın the mix
another motherfucker hog tied
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