Faron Young - Bimbo Şarkı Sözü

bimbo bimbo where ya gonna go-e-o bimbo bimbo whatcha gonna do-e-o
bimbo bimbo does your mummy know
youre goin down the road to see a little girl-e-o

bimbo ıs a little boy whos got a million friends
and every time he passes by they all ınvite him ın
hell clap his hands and sing and dance talk his baby talk
with a hole ın his pants and his knees stickin out hes just big enough to walk
bimbo bimbo where ya gonna go-e-o...
[ steel ]
well you never catch him sittin still hes just the rovin kind
although hes just a little boy hes got a grown up mind
hes always got a shaggy dog a pullin at his clothes
and everybody caused to him as down his feenie goes
bimbo bimbo where ya gonna go-e-o...
[ guitar ]
well bimbos got two big blue eyes that light up like the stars
and the way to light them up ıs to buy him candy bars
cracker jacks and bubble gum will start his day off right
and all the girlies follow him just a begging for a bite
bimbo bimbo candy on your face-e-o bimbo bimbo chewin on your gum-e-o
bimbo bimbo when you gonna grow everybody loves your little bitty bimbio
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