Faron Young - Chance For Living Şarkı Sözü

all the girls wanna look so pretty,
all the boys wanna be so cute.
with the holes ın their jeans,
say they wanna learn to shoot.

you dont need no judge and jury,
just vibrate to the sound of fury.
you only get only get one chance for living,
you get too many times to die.
choose your medicine wisely now,
once you get up, just stay high.

all the haves ıgnore the have-nots,
those with cant see without.
where reality ıs king, and you know the fault,
ıt can house a volcano of doubt.

everyones always talking,
and no-one seems to be giving.
well the sowing of the seed, should compensate,
for suffering the pain of living.
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir