Sabhankra - Sorrowland Şarkı Sözü

all ıs red, the sky, the sea and the time
all ıs dead, our memories of this crime
could rain, could ıt erase the pain
the sky ıs darkened
the sun ıs hiding behind the mountain

dropping tears for a new dawn
well never see the sun
so hard to breath, welcome to death
all hopes are gone

my hands are covered of blood
tears and blood became a river
shores of death are crying for their fate
death and pain and sand...
this ıs our sorrowland
how tasty ıs being the ruler
arise from your throne through the sky
watch your back, enemy ıs waiting the dawn

mastering the arth of power ıs not easy at all...
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir