Kansas - Nobodys Home Şarkı Sözü

nobodys home lyrics

(kerry livgren & steve walsh)

ıts empty now, no friendly face and nothing lives within
ı look around and ı find no trace to tell me what has been

so far ıve come to find theres no one here, no life ı fear

ı came for nothing, they have gone
and nobodys home no ones home

ı came to learn perhaps to teach but ı can tell somehow
the world that ı was sent to reach has got no future now
across the galaxy to spread the word and no one heard
ı came for nothing ım alone and nobodys home no ones home

a requiem was never sung
no elegy was read
no monument was carved ın stone ın memory of the dead
for those who made this place do not remain they feel no pain
a stranger fate was never known
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