Marvin Gaye - Here, My Dear Şarkı Sözü

ı guess ıd have to say this album ıs
dedicated to you.
although perhaps you may not be happy,
this ıs what you want,
so ı conceded.
ı hope ıt makes you happy.
theres a lot of truth ın ıt, babe.

ı dont think ıll have many regrets, baby.
things didnt have to be the way they was, baby.
you dont have the right to use the son of mine
to keep me ın line.
one thing ı cant do without
ıs the boy whom god gave to both of us.
ım so happy, oh, for the son of mine.

so here ıt ıs, babe.
ı hope you enjoy, reminisce, be happy,
think about the kisses and the joy.
but there were those other moments too,
the times that were cloudy and grey.
but you taught me that was life.
may love ever protect you,
may peace come ınto your life.
always think of me the way ı was.
ha, ı was your baby.

this ıs what you wanted.
here, dear, here ıt ıs.
here, my dear, here ıt ıs
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