Sagopa Kajmer - Kör Savaşçı Şarkı Sözü

ı hate the way you look at me just like the little piece of thrash under the carpet ready to
tear the heartbeat ım broken living bad luck,
ım always dirty
not ın the mind but ın the soul! always ready to
go to the street with no name
save me from this bad game my lifes been lame turning the wheels on the bus round and
round reflection
ın the mirror makes me sick days gone by like mad
filling the space with things
ıve never had anxiety and stress ran out of pain
with nothing to gain ım slain the mental ınstitute ıs,
full of guys like me and mic hit the light and say
goodnight cant take the strife uh!
notebooks filled with fright killing the pens
with all the presence on the pad sad,
ı never got the math!

sagopa kajmer & mista brown kör savaşçı
Ekleyen : Ali İhsan Candemir