The Rolling Stones - Anyway You Look At It Şarkı Sözü

anyway you look at ıt
from any point of view
you must admit ım lucky
to be ın love with you

and people say ım cynical
they never want the truth
but life will have more twists and turns
then found ın any book
mmm, mmm, mmm

and ı may travel far away
across the seas of doom
to undiscovered countries
but ıll come back to you

anyway you look at ıt
any point of view
ooh babe, babe

anyway you look at ıt
when the camera shoots
seen from any angle
ım still ın love with you
mmm, mmm, mmm

anyway you look at ıt
anyway you will
like a beacon shining out
ıll be there for you
mmm, mmm, mmm
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