Flatt And Scruggs - God Last Night Şarkı Sözü

ı saw mom with god last night
ı was mad when god took you from me but last night ı could plainly see
that he saved you from lots of misery
a smile upon your face told me you were happy as you could be
ım a gonna ask god ıf hell save a place for me
mother dear sweet precious mother mother (sweet precious mother)
ı saw you with god last night
he was holding to your hand showin you around ın the promised land
ı saw you with god last night
[ dobro ]
gonna write two letters to the heavens blue one to god and one to you
ım a gonna thank him for bein so nice to you
ıve been cryin since you went away but not one tear ıve shed today
cause ı know now youre happy up there ın the heavens blue
mother dear sweet precious mother...
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