Faron Young - Baxter Hill Şarkı Sözü

baxter hıll

years ago grandaddy baxter gave dad 40 acres
daddy proudly named ıt baxter hill
him and mom raised seven kids
and gave us each 1 acre
ın hopes someday thats where we all would build
daddys greatest dream ın life was baxter hill

the rest all moved away but
ı stayed on with mom and daddy
but they all gathered ın when mama died
they were quick decidinpapa couldnt handle bizness
and the six of them all said lets subdivide
you could see them dollar bill signs ın their eyes

chorus ı

yeah, they subdivided daddys 40 acres
the place where him and mama worked and saved
not out of need, just out of greed
they built them six room houses
bet mamas turnin over ın her grave
just knowin theyve done papa thisaway
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