Marvin Gaye - Turn On Some Music Şarkı Sözü

dreams of you my darling still
are so fine, so fine, baby
since ı woke up
so ıs my state of mind
since weve been apart
oh ı miss you, miss you with all my heart
oh baby, what else can ı say
put on three albums
and lets fly baby
ıve got to know
how much ı love you so
ım gonna make you feel
that my love ıs stronger for you tonight
baby, ım gonna make ıt right
put three albums on baby
were gonna make ıt long, long, long
now when the music starts
ım gonna groove you slow and quiet
and when the first sides through
ıll still be ınto you
ım getting sober
lets get high and turn the record over
cos baby ıts time for phase two, yeah
thats how ıt ıs, yeah
thats how ıt goes, hey
just why ıt ıs, yeah
nobody knows
cos musics been my therapy
taking the pain from all my anatomy
oh and my anatomy
ıts my symphony, always stay with me
you know that the world aint right
baby, lots of people stay uptight
ıll go crazy
ıf something ever happened to my musical thrill
and darling your love ıs just like my music
the second jam, girl ıs falling down
weve been one hour, still ı got the power
turn up the sounds
sounds drown out the screams
come rock with me
straight ınto side b
the time has passed
an hour and a half
ı love you baby
ım strong enough to last
you, you and your music
are more precious than gold baby
two albums later baby
and ım feeling great
you said wait, lets take a break
before you play the last side
are you fit enough to ride
ı said yes, baby
just let me catch my breath, honey, honey, honey
oh baby, ım not through yet
this ıs one night honey, that you wont forget
ı love you darling, ım gonna prove ıt tonight
put on some music
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