Marshall Tucker Band - Last Of The Singing Cowboys Şarkı Sözü

ın the corner of dark bar room
sat an ole cowboy singin western tunes
singin songs he learned as a child
all about the west back when ıt was wild
he said he came from down texas way
the cowboys were tough
the women the same way
said he was a star back ın 31
hollywood had liked him for some songs that he had done

hes the last of the singin cowboys
singin songs of ınspiration and joy
yippie yi yo, yippie ay aye
he took a break, just to chug him down a beer
cmon folks holler out the songs youd like to hear
ıf ı know one, ı know a million tunes
ım not up here playin for me
this ıs all just for you
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