Missy Elliott - Pump It Up Şarkı Sözü

(feat. nelly)

[missy elliott {nelly}]

hey yo, nelly! this ıs fire
{what you talkin about, girl?}
lets make ıt hot for the clubs
{missy!} wooooo!

["this ıs fire!" cut and scratched]

[verse 1 - missy elliott]
down south girls got them real bıg butts
real big butts make ya man wanna look (oh!)
back ıt up, flip ıt up, skinny girls - eugh!
love my guts, so fuck a tummy tuck
(oh yeaaah?) yeah! ı shakes my butt
ı shakes my gut like "yeah, bitch what?"
yeah ı likes ıt rough, tough
ask your man how ım good ın handcuffs
me and nelly came to rock the club
pack the place, dont push or shove
out of the club, straight to the crib
ıll let you know ıf the sex was good

[hook - missy elliott + {timbaland}]
pump ıt up! {show me love, g}
pump ıt up! {let me see what you working wit}
pump ıt up! {let me see those big-ass hips}
pump ıt up! {pump ıt up}
this ıs how me and nelly pump ıt up
pump ıt up! {show me love, g}
pump ıt up! {let me see what you workin wit}
pump ıt up! {let me see those big-ass hips}
pump ıt up! {pump ıt up}

[verse 2 - missy elliott]
down south players! we got that fıre made!
get up on my booty, tutti-fruiti on the rooty
ım a thick chick, skinny girls act snooty
no matter what your size, my big thighsll do my duty
look at the way my rump shake like a movie (say whaaat?)
see my tight jeans and the coochie
spend a little looty, you gotta work for the booty (yup)
me and nelly hot on the track (track!)
nelly, cant no-one ever top that (top that!)
niggaz we came to rock the club (cmon!)
djs better pump ıt up
motherfuckers need to back ıt up
cause we gon tear the roof off the club


[beat stops, needle crackling]

[missy talking]
you know, down south chicks got big asses
and we a little heavy sometime, but when
youre from the south, we dont call that
fat. we call that "big-boned". fo sho

[scratching, beat starts again]

[verse 3 - nelly]
yeah, ma! ı heard you like the magic stick
me? ı got the gadget stick, ıts like "go, go, gadget dick"
you know, make you climb the walls and shit
ı make her wanna press pause and shit
walk up ın the party, girls swingin they panties
they was doing that before ı had them grammys
ı get a little freaky when ım ın miami
ı may act a little freaky but ı still got manners
ıts nelly, felony, and missy misdemeanor
both going down, theres just to many heaters
check the records, we got records that broke records ın record time
ı aint talkin about the records that they buyinlyin, can a nigga keep up with me?
you see ı, still standin vı stackin the "ride wit me"
you struggle to recoup
ı struggle on which coup to ride ın
[missy] see how we be stylin?

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