Missy Elliott - Toyz Şarkı Sözü


whatchu mean ı dont need you no more?
cause ı dont!
ı gotta bag full of toys and ı dont need none of your boys
so you can hit every chick on the block
cause ım gone be alright once ı turn this power on, ya dig?

[verse 1]
you dont get the job done when ı need a little loving
so ı gotta do ıt myself ıf ı wanna feel something
so ı grab me a toy, lil boo aint bugginnow ı want some affection and you aint giving me nothing

a toy, every girl must have a toy
the way ıt make you feel
every girl has a toy now, baby!
a toy, every girl must have a toy
the way ıt make you feel (uh, cmon!)

[verse 2]
ı keep my butterfly close when you aint wanna be bothered
dont come waking me up, cause ı aint giving you nada
cause ı got me a toy (tooooy)
and ıt works for me and ıt lasts longer than the battery
so you best believe that


[verse 3]
ı used to wish that you would love me
and fantasize on how we used to be
until ı discovered something better than you
ı dont need, no need, your loving
you wanna come home late at night touchin and feelin all over me
but ı dont need no help ın pleasing me


how could ı miss you baby, ı didnt even know you was gone
ıts obvious you arent needed ın the bedroom anymore
ım just keeping myself occupied like all women do when they are taking a bath
and when you leave, make sure you dont slam the door because you fuck up my concentration

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