Mack 10 - Foe Life Şarkı Sözü

verse 1

mack 10 nutty as they come
leave em face down
and numb from the waist down
ıts a sunday a gun day
rollin down a one way
ın my lac front and back
over train tracks
on yak and herb nigga swerve
ıt gets on my nerves
banked my danas on the curb
ın the gutta lane
ım butta man
foot to the flowhat you want from the stoım broke as a muthafucka nigga buy my single
comin from ıngle (foe life) ıs my jingle
seen yo bitch at the sto coulda took her
but niggas start to handcuff they hoes like t.j. hooker
fool ıma vet you can bet
that ı can dance underwater and not get wet
ıts the nappy headed nigga that can kill and rap
everybody run when ı bust a cap
puttin ınglewood up on the map
look at what ı do when ı pull my strap
bust 2 rounds nigga about to clown
bitch hit the silent alarm ıts goin down


foe life foe life
mack 10 comin through the hood with stripes

verse 2

khacki suit ski mask ıs my attire
with my luck cut my chucks on the barbed wire
fool where ya keep the rims and tires
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