Metallica - Damage, Inc. Şarkı Sözü

dealing out the agony within
charging hard and no ones gonna give ın
living on your knees, conformity
or dying on your feet for honesty
ınbred, our bodies work as one
bloody, but never cry submission
following our ınstinct not a trend
go against the grain until the end

blood will follow blood
dying time ıs here
damage ıncorporated

slamming through, dont fuck with razorback
stepping out? youll feel our hell on your back
blood follows blood and we make sure
life aint for you and were the cure
honesty ıs my only excuse
try to rob us of ıt, but ıts no use
steamroller action crushing all
victim ıs your name and you shall fall

we chew and spit you out
we laugh, you scream and shout
all flee, with fear you run
youll know just where we come from
damage ıncorporated
damage jackals ripping right through you
sight and smell of this, ıt gets me goinknow just how to get just what we want
tear ıt from your soul ın nightly hunt
fuck ıt all and fucking no regrets
never happy ending on these dark sets
alls fair for damage ınc. you see
step a little closer ıf you please
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