Mack 10 - Area Şarkı Sözü

[mack 10]
hoo-bangers (wassup!!!)
yall ready? (fo sho!!!!)
well lets do this shit
ima start this bitch off, and yall run it, check it, uhh

on your marks, get set, go for what you know
its the #1 crew in your area, doe for doe
i keep it thuggish with my dickys on sag
i buy my 57 rag until my 98 jag
and just roll all over the town on 20 inch wheels
and just, brag all about the mils i made on mic skills
i slang and do my thang keepin niggas on amp
its mack 10 kickin shit from the hoo-bangin camp

haha (nigga)
i just, wake up and ball yall (whattup k-mac?)
comrade criminals and yknow we fades em all (thats right)
im hittin six on the teatley
and im ridin on you busters cos thats how it gotta be (it got to be)
niggas please, cadillacs on deez (on deez)
and in the middle of the winter, its still 89 degrees (thats right)
wes die hard, pullin job niggas hall cards
best to check our records cos wes smack ???? ???? (thats right)

i kill a nigga ten times, leave em on concrete (whattup techniec?)
tight shit make ya say "damn, tech got bomb heat" (hahaha)
first nigga that speak like "i dont believe you"
first nigga who face touch ass fore before his knees do (god damn!)
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