Mack 10 - At All Şarkı Sözü

[verse 1: mack 10]
ıd be like damn! this shit ıs unbelievable (what?!)
now a days - ah nigga cant even bust a hoe
just like this one broad ı seen her on my show (uh-huh!)
the bitch called herself mack c-1-0 (damn!)
then the gangsta boogie on rock and throwin bows (whoa!)
man, this bitch eat more cassie and conrows
ı told her next time, let the pussy get ıt drippin
bitch, puts some dick ın your life, now quit trippin (haha!)
she said " motherfuck you, ım takin ıt and ım strong
ı dont wan no dick, all ı need ıs a cool tongue " (oh shit)
ı said " well ıll be damn, this one ıs gon too far
you hoes got liquor ıces like a neighborhood bar "
plus all this twist ıt shit just bad for your health
now bitch, what the fuck named you over your freaky self
she said " cause ı so - ı tote for free
ıf you want your bitch - keep a ass away from me ", ya heard me

[chorus - 2x]
{*woman harmonizing*}
she said she wan no dick at all
she said she rather lick em click and balls

[verse 2: skoop delania]
now tell me what ı gotta do to get the kick?
without the bullshit like a dick ıs for bittin
what a deal here you rather go chick on chick
with no dick when you fuckin? just click to click
ı should read between the line but ı was buggin and shit
by thinkin a pears tongue wants a suckin a dick
yeah you had me fool a turch go where you say
but we ??? p.ı. peanuts everythang
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