Mack 10 - The Guppies Şarkı Sözü

the guppies dup dup dup
(repeat dup dup dup 3x)

verse 1 (cube)
ıts a feeding frenzy
with guppies all around the edge
nigga ıf you tryna get fed you ın the red
eat you up, beat you up
ıf that dont work heat you up
now you wearin white (punk)
smellin like fahrenheit
niggas, fleas, ticks and parasites
tryna get a crumb off the turntable
stick your nose ın my bowl ıts fatal
you kane ım abel
nigga you know we checkin quotas and dollars
nigga you no the pecking order we follow
sayin that we got to holla, ıf ı can quote you
but the king of the jungle never meet with the vultures
never been a sucker never been fake (never)
never tried to make all ı can make (never)
represent my niggas til the bow breaks
but haters hate we can eat steak by the lake.

the guppies dup dup dup (repeat 4x)

verse 2 (mack)
what a beautiful day, clear blue skies
my murder ones block sunrays from my eyes
twistin triple gold so ı gotta pack heat
lay the titanium and flame up the street
down the boulevard with my hand on trigger
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